The mission of the UUACCC is to foster and promote the success, growth and well-being of Unitarian Universalist camps, retreat and conference centers. We recognize and embrace the crucial importance of fostering connections among Unitarian Universalists beyond the walls of our congregations.

UU Camp & Conference Centers Are:

  • Welcoming communities
  • Homes away from home
  • Places where children, families, and adults join together to create community.
  • Places where UU values can be lived.
  • Places of great beauty in a variety of natural settings throughout the U.S. and Canada (forest, mountain, island, seaside).

UU Camp & Conference Centers Provide:

  • A safe and welcoming space to experience a profound sense of affirmation, belonging, and inner peace.
  • A variety of programs ranging from spiritual retreats to outdoor adventure camps.
  • Transformative summer camp experiences for youth.
  • Opportunities to form new bonds and friendships that often last a lifetime.
  • Opportunities for personal, spiritual & creative growth.

Unitarian Universalism Beyond the Walls of our Congregations:

  • UU camps & conference centers are an invaluable and treasured resource in the shared mission of advancing the UU movement and making a positive difference in the lives of UUs of all ages.
  • Being a part of a UU camp and conference center community can help cement one’s connection to Unitarian Universalism for a lifetime.
  • Attending a camp, retreat, or program at a UU camp and Conference Center can open the doors to Unitarian Universalism for those who are new to our faith.

UU Camp & Conference Center Programs Include:

  • Weekend & Weeklong Conferences
  • Spiritual, Educational and Creative Retreats
  • Summer Youth Camps
  • Summer Family Camps
  • Congregation Retreats
  • Training Programs
  • Service Projects
  • District Annual Meetings